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Injectable HA fillers Dermalstyle

Nowadays, people are getting older and older. However, a youthful-appearing skin remains an ideal of beauty, and it contributes to a sense of well-being and self-confidence of many people. Like Theodor W. Adorno already said: “If you look good, you sell better.”

Dermalstyle from W&O medical esthetics GmbH, based in Oberursel, Germany, offers a safe, little invasive, and high-quality possibility to restore the long-term youthful and fresh appearance of the skin

Dermalstyle® fillers are popular treatments for wrinkles and facial lines.

Use in cosmetic surgery:

hydration (non-crosslinked)
filling and volume (crosslinked)
Each Dermalstyle® box contains of one syringe (1 x 1 ml), two disposable sterile needles, a product leaflet and a set of two labels showing the batch number. One of these labels should be attached to the patients file and the other should be over handed to the patients to ensure traceability.


  • Innovative and convenient design (iF Design Award 2017)
  • Safe application, extra grip surface at the backstop
  • Low injection force, conical plunger supporting the application
  • High patient comfort, less bruising and less side effects due to the Terumo Ultra-Thin Wall Needle
  • Reflecting the latest state of research, the ingredients of Dermalstyle®are extremely pure, biocompatible and non-allergenic. Thus our products significantly over-comply with the stringent  European Directive for medical devices (CE-certification) standards.
  • Clinical studies confirm the optimum compatibility, safety and efficiency of Dermalstyle®:
  • Quality with long-lasting effects.


  • Non allergenic, no need of allergy testing previously to the treatment
  • Limited risk of side effects or inflammation thanks to our unique process of purification, removal of oxygen and sterilization


  • Immediate and long-lasting effects
  • High viscosity for a great filling capacity and optimized elasticity for modelling and a natural aesthetic look
  • Easy to inject, homogenous and smooth for optimal control and comfort throughout the injection