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The experience of beauty often involves an interpretation of some entity as being in balance and harmony with nature, which may lead to feelings of attraction and emotional well-beeing. We give you the safe, innovative and qualified product line for the chance to change.

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Our fillers and mesotherapy product line from W&O medical esthetics, a German company, offer a safe, little invasive and high-quality possibility to restore the long-term youthful and fresh appearance of the skin.

CicaLux energized scar-care is a combination therapy device designed to help prevent or improve hyper-pigmented, hypertrophic (raised) and/or keloid scars resulting from incisional surgeries.

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energized scar-care

W&O medical esthetics

Therapeutic safety is our top priority. The ingredients used for Dermalstyle fillers guarantee 100% safety.Thanks to the innovative technology, the Dermalstyle line meets the highest quality standards and is absolutely safe.To achieve the desired outcome, the right choice and combination of high-quality substances is essential.With Mesostyle® products we guarantee immediately visible, natural and effective results.

Cicalux energized scar-care

On September 13. 2019, CicaLux received its first innovation award as a Best New Mom Product finalist in the national Mother&Baby Awards 2020 contest in the UK. On September 20. 2019, CicaLux won its second award – Top Innovation – by Victoire de la Beauté 2019-2020 in France.  The company is global leader in smart, wearable, energised, micro-technologies for personalised health.

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