Dermalstyle® Light
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Dermalstyle® Light

Dermalstyle® Light contains the highest concentration of non-animal sourced and non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid currently available. The composition of DermalStyle® Light is hyaluronic acid 18mg/ml and 20 mg/ml glycerol.
Dermalstyle® Light is a viscoelastic solution to compensate the loss of hyaluronic acid due the ageing. It is especially designed for injection into the super cial dermal tissue, to improve tone and elasticity of the skin and/or to act as  filler for small lines such as crow’s feet, smile lines or smoke lines surrounding the mouth.


  • crow’s feet
  • upper lips lines
  • smile lines
  • décolleté wrinkles
  • wrinkles on the back of the hands

18 mg/ml hyaluronic acid, 20 mg/ml glycerol
3-4 months; 2-3 repeat treatments required at the beginning