Mesostyle® Lipo X Cellulite
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Mesostyle® Lipo X Cellulite

Effective reduction of smaller fat depots and cellulite (face/body)

This combination of active ingredients is especially effective for the treatment of cellulite, for fat reduction and in cases of decreasing tightness of the skin – for ideal silhouette forming.
Lipo X supports the drainage and the tightening of the fascia. Natural extracts activate microcirculation, improve lymphatic drainage and stimulate venous return.
The complex composition of active substances smooths and tightens the skin of problematic areas.
• Fibrous cellulite
• Localised fat depots
• Do not use more than 5 ml per area to be treated, with a maximum of four areas to be treated within one session. The product may be administered using any transdermal method such as microinjection, microneedling, derma roller, electroporation, iontophoresis, ultrasound, etc.
• Application techniques: point-by-point injection, nappage or micropapular technique.
• Application plan: one session per week for up to eight weeks (depending on indication and result). Afterwards one session every two weeks for up to four treatments.
• This cycle may be repeated every eight to ten months.

Ingredients: Aqua, carnitin, theophylline, cynara scolymus, melilotus officinalis, rutin, taurin, sodium gluconte.